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Car Emergency Kit DIY


No one likes to think about emergencies but it's even worse if one occurs and you're not prepared. Car emergencies are one of the most common, so it's a great idea to have a bag or plastic tote in your vehicle, ready to go.

Your kit should contain items in the amount necessary for everyone in your family, even if it is only you who usually drives the car. 

You will need:

The first few items you may have in your home already. If not, they are readily available at your local Wal-mart, Target, etc. 

  • duffel bag/plastic tote
  • bottled water
  • protein bars
  • extra batteries for flashlight
  • matches
  • duct tape
  • socks
  • change of clothes
  • nitrile/mechanic's gloves
  • kitty litter/sand




The second set of items are ones that you are less likely to have extras of in your home. I've included links to affordable, well-reviewed options on Amazon.