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Car Emergency Kit DIY


No one likes to think about emergencies but it's even worse if one occurs and you're not prepared. Car emergencies are one of the most common, so it's a great idea to have a bag or plastic tote in your vehicle, ready to go.

Your kit should contain items in the amount necessary for everyone in your family, even if it is only you who usually drives the car. 

You will need:

The first few items you may have in your home already. If not, they are readily available at your local Wal-mart, Target, etc. 

  • duffel bag/plastic tote
  • bottled water
  • protein bars
  • extra batteries for flashlight
  • matches
  • duct tape
  • socks
  • change of clothes
  • nitrile/mechanic's gloves
  • kitty litter/sand




The second set of items are ones that you are less likely to have extras of in your home. I've included links to affordable, well-reviewed options on Amazon.

Resolution: Organization

Alright, people, it's 2016 and I know you've made some resolutions! What's that? You joined the gym? 

Good for you! Let's try to lose some weight around the house as well. I've put together an easy list of organizing ideas to get your house decluttered this month. 

Each day, you'll tackle a small area of your home. Does every day sound like too much? Don't worry, there are bonus days scattered throughout. Use these to catch up with a day you missed, or if you're all caught up, take a break!

Click on the free printable to get started!

As always, if you're feeling overwhelmed (and are local), shoot me a message to take advantage of my professional organizing services! 

Organized for the Holidays: Part One - Gifts

It's the most stressful wonderful time of the year!

It certainly should be, but there is always some part of the holiday season that makes you want to break out the grown-up eggnog and snuggle up in front of a cozy wrapping paper fire. Put down those matches though, because I have some tips that will help make you a little less "angry elf."

This is part one in the Organized for the Holidays blog post series. We begin with gifts.

1. ♫ He's making a list...and you should, too.

I just like lists. Lists are my favorite. It may seem obvious, but keeping a running list of gifts is one of the most effective ways to make your life easier. It allows you to see what gifts you have for who, how much you've spent, and what you have yet to buy.

And, in the spirit of giving, here is a free printable gift list.

Click here for your FREE printable!


2. ♫ All I Want for Christmas is You

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“Oh, nothing.”

One of the reasons I end up doing last minute shopping is because I procrastinate on the hard-to-buy-for people. Make it your mission to get gifts for these people right away. Below are some helpful sites.



Stocking Stuffers:


Subscription Boxes:

OwlCrate – A themed book box that includes a newly published young adult book and 3-5 related bookish items. There is also a book club on goodreads where members can discuss the current month's book. This is a wonderful company that rewards it's current members as well as new ones, runs giveaways on social media, and has great customer service. (I obviously subscribe to this box and LOVE it.)

LootCrate + pet – A very reasonably priced geek/gamer box with 4-8 items in every box. Monthly boxes plus limited edition themed boxes are available. Also, if you'd like to try out the inaugural pet box, it is available until December 19. (I ordered one and expect some pretty unique pup stuff.)

MashBox – Based in New York, this box is run by the Mash + Grape liquor company. Each quarterly box contains three samples, which you can then rate and buy at discount from their online store. Check their site to see if shipping is available to your state. (As for PA, I can tell you it is available and the shipping is fast – my order arrived before noon the next day.)

BirchBox – A monthly beauty/grooming box with options for both men and women, which is why I am including this one in lieu of other beauty boxes. The women's box contains 5 samples and the men's box contains 4 samples + one lifestyle item. You can then buy full-sized versions of the products in their online store.

*All of these boxes can be cancelled at any time.

3. ♫ It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We're gonna wrap this post up now. Wrapping presents...I think people either love or hate to do this. If you are crafty like me, you probably love it, in which case, skip this tip, you've got this under control.

For those of you who hate it, there are some things that will make it easier:

P1010218 (2).JPG
  1. Clear off a table – You need space! Don't put all your wrapping stuff on the table, put it off to the side so you can use the whole table to spread out the paper.

  2. Bags – Put thing in the bag. Put tissue on top of thing in bag. Done.

  3. Organize – I had to include this. Keep your wrapping supplies organized so they are easy to find and you will get through the whole process much faster.

Keep an eye out for the next Organized for the Holidays blog post!